Every dessert is a small work of art, imbued with our love and unfailing devotion to the work we do


The miraculous world of French confectionary has been always the magnet for me. One day it became my challenge. Now this is my beloved reality. I am happy I do things my clients like. Let your days be filled with the warmth of a cup of tea and sweetened by the variety of French confectionary! This world has no limits.


You will make a breath-taking discovery with every bite


We are blessed with inherited secrets of French confectioners

High quality

We use only high-quality products to ensure the taste we aim at

Bel étage

Tiny French corner in Riga

This is where the lovely fragrance of freshly baked croissants meets the invigorating aroma of coffee early in the morning, lifting the visitors’ spirits for the entire coming day. Here, every connoisseur of France can delve into a charming atmosphere and enjoy a delicious dessert accompanied by a cup of fragrant coffee or tea.
Cosy interiors, relaxed French music combined with a rich range of tastes, genuinely classic, yet so uncommon for Riga, can take anyone on a small trip to a Parisian café.


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